20 Creative Handmade Waste Material Craft

20 Creative Handmade Waste Material Craft is the perfect way to upcycle your waste materials and create something beautiful and unique! Inspiration to get creative can come from anywhere, including your own trash can. Starting from this idea, today’s article will present 20 creative craft ideas from waste material.

So, here’s the deal. You can not only get rid of these unused things but also make them functional again. Handmade Waste Material Craft

How are you going to do that? Well, this article will tell you how. Keep reading to find out!

Animal Circus Train: Handmade Waste Material Craft

1. Creative handicraft circus train Handmade Waste Material Craft

Animal circus train consists of bare tea boxes and tape. Choose adhesive tapes with different colors and patterns. The ribbons perform two tasks to decorate the trains and strengthen them at the same time. Since you do not need the upper part of the boxes, make the railway wheels out of them. Each carriage of the train requires at least 4 wheels.

Attach each wheel to the car with a pin. Punch small holes in both ends of the cars to connect them together with a lanyard. After I put some animal toys in it, it’s done. 11520 Education

2. Construction protocols Handmade Waste Material Craft

Creative crafts Building Protocols Handmade Waste Material Craft

Tree trunks are made of paper towel cardboard tubes or recycled toilet paper. Paint all the rolls in your favorite colors, and after that let them dry. For each roll, make a notch on one side or on both sides. Do it with all the rolls and they can be stacked. Every time you run out of tissue paper, you have new protocols. Handmade Waste Material Craft

20 Creative Handmade Waste Material Craft
20 Creative Handmade Waste Material Craft

3. Camera

Creative Craft Camera

This camera consists of an old egg box. Apart from the box, you will also need some felt to cover the front part of the box and accessories, paint, yarn to make a neck ring, cotton wool to stuff the camera later, cardboard to keep the cotton wool in the camera, and finally scissors.

You will also need one of these two tools: a glue gun or stapler to fix the felt on the box. The use of glue and clamp is similar. Please select the tool that you find best. Since it is covered by felt, people will not know that this camera toy is made of an old egg box. If you are wondering, show the magic! Handmade Waste Material Craft

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4. Binoculars

Creative craft binoculars

These binoculars are made of toilet paper tubes, which are so easy to make. Since it’s easy, you only need about 5 minutes to make a pair. You can also invite your little ones. In addition to toilet paper tubes, you will also need scrapbook papers to cover the entire tube, scissors, and a hot glue gun. Handmade Waste Material Craft

Since their purpose is to be a transparent tool, it is best to leave them hanging by the neck. And you will need a yarn cord as a neck ring and a hole punch to make room for the cord. Make sure the cord is long enough to avoid accidents. Handmade Waste Material Craft

5. Pirate ship

Creative craft pirate ship

This pirate ship is made of cardboard. Save less than an hour of your time to create it with your kids. You will need absolute cardboard, an adhesive gun for gluing all the parts, a pencil, a black marker, a ruler, a craft knife, twine, fabric for making the sail, and twigs for holding the sail. Draw the ship on cardboard with a pencil, ruler, and black pen. Handmade Waste Material Craft How to Change Font Style in WhatsApp

You need to prepare four parts to make a complete ship: two sides, a base, and a back. After the ship’s hull is fixed, it’s time to make the fittings. It includes the mast, the cabin, the sail, the plank, and also cannon holes. Do not make holes, draw circles to indicate that the cannon is enough.

20 Creative Handmade Waste Material Craft
20 Creative Handmade Waste Material Craft

6. Play Kitchen

Creative craft play kitchen Handmade Waste Material Craft

The play kitchen is a set of kitchen utensils made of cardboard and simple adhesive tape. The size of kitchen set you are going to make is the perfect size for your 18-month-old little ones. To make a refrigerator and a stove, you only need a large box. And the construction is simple according to your ideas. Cut and tape are what you need to do at this stage.

After the shape and shape of the oven and refrigerator looks the way you want, decorate them to your liking. You can also make some additional items, such as pot, from the cardboard scraps.

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7. Princess locks Handmade Waste Material Craft

Creative Crafts princess locks

These princess locks are made of shoe boxes. The project is absolutely suitable for little girls from 4 years old. If we also take into account the drying time, the manufacturing process takes three days to complete. But the joy that you will show will be beyond all imagination.

In addition to shoe boxes, what you need for this beautiful project are scissors, cutters, Elmer’s glue, recycled materials (tissue paper rolls, popsicle sticks, corks, bottle caps, wooden spools, and others), tempera paints, brushes, twine and, last but not least, colored ribbons.

8. Bow and arrow

Creative craft sheet

These bows and arrows are made of popsicles. This cool project is a creative idea, not boring and fun. The result is also functional. Overall, it is very fascinating. You will need a wide popsicle stick, a pot, a drinking glass, a rubber band, glue and scissors, toothpicks, and also cardboard. Handmade Waste Material Craft

The first step is to cook the popsicle for 30 minutes. Please note that you should not let your children do this stage on their own, Handmade Waste Material Craft unattended, and without guidance. After 30 minutes, let it cool down so that you can bend it to form an arc. Place the bent stick in a drinking glass so that it stays in shape and dries. Let it rest overnight before taking it out of the jar.

Cut the rubber bands and glue the ends. It’s time to make the arrows out of the cardboard. Cut out two small Handmade Waste Material Craft triangles and glue a toothpick between them. Also, cut out two chevron shapes and glue them to the other end of the toothpick. Let the glue dry before you are ready to start.

9. Building structure

Creative handicrafts Straw construction Handmade Waste Material Craft

Let’s build some structures with straws. You can use this craft later to teach your kids basic geometry. Pipe cleaners and scissors are the other materials you need besides straws to create this. But here’s the deal. Since the purpose of this project is recycling, you are not allowed to use a pack of new straws. Only used straws are allowed.

For the first step, cut the straws into identical sizes. The pipe cleaners do magic here. It is they who make the 3D structures robust. And that’s done.

10. Drum

Creative craft drums Handmade Waste Material Craft

Let your kids have fun by playing drums made of tin cans. Any size of them will not matter. Coffee cans, soup cans, sardine cans; all of them will work so well. Other materials needed are wrapping paper, ribbon, electrical tape, a hot glue gun, crayons, markers, and balloons. The rest depends on your creativity. Handmade Waste Material Craft

11. Art coat

Creative craft smock

This art coat is a simple guy from a stained old shirt, which does not need to be sewn at all. It’s so simple that it only takes less than five minutes to make one. No sewing machine is required, just an old adult-size shirt, scissors, a piece of your kids’ shirt to determine the size, and a few needles.

Under the guidance of your children’s shirt and pens, remove the rest of the adult by cutting off the unnecessary parts. Make the ties by cutting off a little of the shirts on each side. And it’s done! Wear it when your little ones want to craft a creation. Handmade Waste Material Craft

12. First aid kit

Creative Crafts 1. Help set Handmade Waste Material Craft

This first aid kit can be made from baby cloth containers. It is intended for travel size, so do not forget to take the necessary first aid such as Neosporin, plasters, cleansing wipes, burn ointment, etc. with you and take it with you everywhere. Handmade Waste Material Craft

Actually, there are other functions for this baby cloth container. Some of them are an earring travel bag, a building block box for storing the toys, a recipe box for managing your entire printable recipe collection, a yarn holder, and an organization container for neatly storing your stationery.

13. Birdhouse

Creative bird house

Nowadays, some humanity is needed and your children must have that. Teach them from scratch how to take care of other living beings. This plastic glass birdhouse can be a great example to instill humanity in your little one.Handmade Waste Material Craft

You will need a small plastic jar like that of peanut butter, a dowel for the bird’s foot, a string or wire, as well as hot glue or waterproof glue. Make sure that you observe and guide your children well when doing crafts, because it’s all about cutting things.Handmade Waste Material Craft

15. Cutlery holder

Creative craft cutlery holder

Some good cutlery holders that are commercially available are a bit expensive. Some say that great quality comes with a great price. For certain things, it is applied appropriately. But let’s break the statement by making high-quality cutlery holders from recycled tin cans and old handbags.

16. Desk Organizer

Creative craft organizer

Unorganized used boxes can actually be organizers themselves. With a little magic here and there and a lot of creativity, this can happen — definitely. First, you need to know what supplies are needed to start the miracle. These are cereal boxes, toilet paper rolls, wooden boards, mod podge washout, and acrylic paint in the colors you have chosen.

20 Creative Handmade Waste Material Craft
20 Creative Handmade Waste Material Craft

You also need to prepare scrapbook paper for covering the rolls and boxes, paint tape in harmonized colors, scissors, craft knife and glue, brush, pencil, ruler, and, finally, adhesive tape. You will do a lot to create a complete set of these desk organizers. But mainly it will be about cutting, measuring, gluing, and painting.Handmade Waste Material Craft

The decoupage technique is used in the project, but it is optional. It is enough to cover the set in the meantime with scrapbook paper and colorful adhesive tapes. Handmade Waste Material Craft

17. Magnet

Creative craft magnet

Life hacks can also be a craft. These magnets made of bottle caps are examples. Instead of leaving them scattered everywhere after being removed from the bottles, it is better to use them for a specific use, or in other words: let’s reuse them. The work is as simple as hot gluing a magnet to the inside of a bottle cap. And that would be all. Handmade Waste Material Craft

18. Dust shovel

Creative craft dustpan

Milk jugs are just nothing when they are used and empty. Sorry, this is so wrong. You can convert the used and empty milk container into something handy. Take, for example, the dust shovel. The only thing you need is scissors and the only work you will do is cutting the container.

Cut it so that the handle of the container becomes the handle of the shovel, and the side under the handle becomes the pan. Magical! You just need, what, 1 minute to make it? maybe 2 minutes? Well, certainly in the shortest possible time!

19. Mini Pocket Notebook

Creative Craft Notebook Handmade Waste Material Craft

This is another example of the reuse of cereal boxes. Here’s how. You will need these supplies: a cereal box as a notebook cover, papers, wrapping paper to cover the back of the book, scissors, ruler and pen, glue stick, needle, embroidery thread, and finally a button.

For this project, the cereal box can be replaced with cardboard, a gift box, or cardboard. From a whole box of cereals, you can make up to two notebooks.

20. Drawer Dividers Handmade Waste Material Craft

Creative craft drawer divider

After all the tinkering that you have done so far, one big problem that you have to face after being so creative must be the cleanup part! Getting all the painting supplies back to where you got them is certainly hard work.

All the energy is wasted when creating the craft. But there will be no problem if all deliveries are properly managed from the very beginning.

So, why don’t you make these drawer dividers out of cereal boxes? It is simple, affordable, and certainly satisfying. Collect pretty papers, ordinary and double-sided adhesive tapes, pencils, scissors, box cutters, and garden sticks, as these are the materials you need to make partitions. Cut, shape, and cover are the only work to be done.

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